First, thank you for looking into my background. :)

I am a pop artist, songwriter and producer, but within this I push the boundaries to write and produce pop/funk, ballads, RnB/pop, acoustic pop and so on. My influences are Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Emily Warre and so on. As a child, I began learning the flute instead of piano -the latter interested me far more- however my schools did not have a piano, nor could my family afford one. At one school, I started playing drums and joining bands which developed my understanding of rhythm and pace. However, writing songs was the skill I was born with. My passion for the piano was never dampened, and a close friend of the family who I consider my soul-mother began funding lessons for me and from there I began achieving quickly. This was jeopardized following the death of my soul-mother, and I started playing jazz in pubs to pay for piano lessons, once her support was unfortunately and untimely cut short. This loss led me to turn to music even more, and icons such as Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin gave me direction.

Two years later, at age 16, Mikal Blue invited me to write and produce at his studio, Revolver Recordings. This was a respite from my struggle to be a musician, offering me a place to develop my songwriting & producing skills. Under the pseudonym Sara Brown I am pursuing a career as an artist, jointly with my songwriting career as Sara Ben Ali. I believe that an artist should be involved in every step of the production, which is why I write and (co-/)produce all my songs. My microphone is a self-made Neumann U-87 which is adapted to my voice and style. I am proficient in piano, guitar and drums, with a style that resonates as Halsey meets Ed Sheeran, or electro-pop and acoustic-pop. June 2018, I released independently my first single which received airtime across various digital platforms and on the ever-popular -250,000 listeners strong- Radio Pilatus in Switzerland. The single has been mixed by Eric Racy and continues to grow in popularity.

Furthermore, my single won the UK Songwriting Contest, made it to the finals of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and I got mentioned in an article by the WIRED for my participation at the Ableton Loop Sample Contest. I relocated to LA from Zurich Fall 2018, and I am embarking on a scholarship at CalArts on the Performer-Composer BFA.